Now that summer has arrived, it is time to kick back and spend time with friends and family.  Summer is also a time that’s associated with numerous outdoor events. Whether it’s hosting a big cookout or just grilling in your backyard, fire safety is of paramount importance during these summer months. Here are some tips to help you avoid putting yourself at risk of starting a fire:

  • Try to have a hose outdoors that is connected to a reliable water source at all times. If something accidentally ignites in your yard, you will be able to put it out quickly.
  • Check any outdoor wires and outlets you have. If anything looks to be off, inform a professional as soon as possible. It only takes a spark to start a fire, and bad wiring/outlets can spark a fire and create a lot of damage.
  • Make sure all grilling takes place outside, and at a minimum of ten feet away from the house. Placing your grill against your house puts you at risk of setting your house on fire. Also, make sure that your grill is clean when you use it. If there is any buildup in your grill it could potentially catch fire. When grilling, never leave the grill unattended.
  • When lighting fireworks, make sure everyone is a safe distance away when the fuse is lit. Additionally, always have a source of water on hand in case something goes wrong. Be sure to check local fire conditions before lighting fireworks. If there is a high risk for fire and your area is in a particularly dry period, it’s probably best to wait for a different day to light those off.
  • For general indoor safety, make sure all smoke detectors in your home are working and that there is a fire extinguisher on hand. If you already have a fire extinguisher, check the gauge to ensure that yours is still functional.

These simple steps can help ensure a fun, and safe, summer season!

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