Southern Fire Services offers a wide range of products ranging from pumpers to a variety of rescue units. One of the most recognizable products that Southern Fire Service offers is the tanker.

A tanker, also known as a water tender, is essentially a vehicle that transports water from its source to the location of a fire or accident. While tankers are normally designed to be used for containing fires, they can also serve several other purposes. Practical uses for the tanker include clearing chemical spills, cleaning roadways after an accident, and pumping the excess water that results from a flood. Traditionally, tankers do not have the ability to pump water on their own, but Southern Fire Service offers the option to equip a tanker with pumps from well-known companies such as Hale, Waterous, and Darley, all of whom are global leaders in fire pump production.

In addition to the ability to enhance the tanker with a pump, Southern Fire Service’s tankers are well-built, stable vehicles that can be customized to meet your individual needs. Standard tankers from Southern Fire Service are equipped with a Kenworth T-370 regular cab chassis, a 380 horsepower Cummins engine, and enhanced rollover stability to help prevent accidents. Southern Fire Service also offers a variety of ways to customize the chassis, body, pump, tank and lighting. For example, the body of the tanker features a 3/16” Formed Aluminum Body and can be equipped with roll-up or slam doors, and ladders that can be side-mounted or recessed. Plus, we offer these options through leading manufacturers like Kenworth, International, Freightliner, or Peterbuilt  to name a few.

Whether you simply want to shuttle water, or need the ability to pump large quantities of water, you can be confident that Southern Fire Service has the resources and expertise to create a tanker tailored to your exact needs.