A fire engine pulls up to a house. The crew races up to the nearest fire hydrant to connect the hose and so far everything is going smoothly. The water is being pumped, but after a few seconds the water stops. Unable to put out the fire, the crew needs to call for backup as the house continues to burn.

Reliability is key to safely extinguishing a fire in situations like the one described above. The fire pump is a critical component in a fire safety system, and making sure the fire apparatus pump is properly functioning and ready to perform is one of the most important steps that an engine can take to ensure their pump is ready to protect.

The scene of a fire is not where you want to find out if your pump works. Annual pump inspection and testing is one of the best ways to make sure that a fire apparatus is operating properly. During a test, all aspects of the pump are checked to ensure that the pump is working at full efficiency.

Southern Fire provides a number of services to help customers determine if there are any problems with their pump:

  • Commander 3000 Sole Source mobile fire pump testing and training unit
  • On Site Pump testing Pit
  • Mobile lift Hydraulic operation for rapid ascent and descent
  • Computer programming capabilities for: Cummins ,International ,Allison, Roll Tech, Weldon Fire Research, Wasco/Meritor
  • Sole Source Warranty Service
  • Pump Repairs and testing
  • Battery Charging System Testing and Repair
  • NFPA Pump Testing
  • Apparatus Overhauls
  • Booster Tank Replacements
  • Tank Repair
  • Valve and Nozzle Repair
  • and Much, Much , More…..

Many different factors can affect the performance of a pump and render a fire apparatus ineffective. Contact the fire safety professionals at Southern Fire today and schedule a pump inspection to ensure your pump is properly working now, so you won’t have to find out when it matters the most.